Website Development | Webdesign

web developmentIn today's world you can not make a mark in business without a website. Website development is one of the key parts of YGS. We are able to create a website, e-shop, product microsite or an event website for your company.

Our websites enable you to communicate with your customers in a professional way and focus directly on your goals, potential new customers and social activities. We are always searching for the most up-to-date trends in web development and also put huge emphasis on user-friendly web design in order to allow users to use your website easily.

SEO services and Internet marketing

Furthermore, we provide SEO (search engine optimization) and other support services for your website. Your website has to be attractive as well as being better placed amongst your competitors.

Mobile App development

We also provide mobile app development for iOS, Android and WM platforms.

We create websites with a main concentration on:

  • content and functionality
  • user-friendliness and easy navigation
  • responsive design and use on all platforms
  • SEO optimization and keywords for search engines
  • connecting with social media networks  (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • digital media and interactive content useability