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YGS Ltd., founded in 2005, began as basic graphic design studio and then expanded into the field of creative graphics and DTP. The expansion continued and as of 2011 YGS Ltd. has grown into creative video division "Burg Production" and advertising, as well as a graphics studio. During this period we also started providing our clients with all printing services, website development, and further more, multimedia, including: photos shooting, video recording and post production.

YGS Ltd. is now fully self sufficient in the field of website creation with unmatched interactive content (see our portfolio). Thus, YGS Ltd. is fully grown and can provide all of your advertising and promotional needs. We place emphasis on the clarity and professionality of our work. We much prefer the personal approach to our customers in all aspects of our work. This is our focus especially regarding promotion (e.g. golf), where we can offer unique events due to our full range or services without need for contractors, i.e. we are able to offer to our clients a full package of graphic works, broadcasting, multimedia coverage, and social network for any type of events.  

We have kept improving and expanding to best suit your needs!

YGS Ltd. team